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How to Start a Blog

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After seeing so many people making money online I have decided to give it a try and begin blogging but I have no idea where or how to begin?
invisibe_dude Offline referral

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Well Victor it depends if you want to set up a free blog, or you want to have your blog hosted by some web hosting company.

Lets begin first setting up a free blog. To create a free blog try Google Blogger, and WordPress free blog! The problem with having a free blog is that your options as a webmaster are very limited, because it's a free blog. And you have mentioned that you want to make money with your blog, then you can't use WordPress because you won't be able to monetize your content, WordPress doesn't allow ads on their free blogs! Blogger does allow Ads! Also you might want to have your own domain name instead of .blogspot.com or wordpress.com!

So that brings us to the option number two! This means that to be able to display Ads on your blog and thus make money, and to have full control over your blog with your own domain name you need to host your blog on some blog hosting! It will cost you about $70 per year, the web hosting, domain name and everything but it's worth it! Try WordPress blog hosting!

If you don't know much about how to create website try open source, or you can buy very cheap already build website, also try free website templates! Just Google for it!
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Invisible dude basically told out everything you should know.

Anyhow, if you are planning to go with the self-hosted route then there is few sites where you can learn a bit more:



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Hello all, after I showed this thread ... I still did not understand about how to earn money from blog sites, there a suggestion to me about this?
but I also like to thank Mr. PeterJ for your suggestions which have notified some sites where I can learn about creating a blog ...
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(07-14-2013 04:06 PM)victor Wrote:  After seeing so many people making money online I have decided to give it a try and begin blogging but I have no idea where or how to begin?

I have found that generally wordpress is the best and easiest platform. If you google wordpress themes, there are thousands of them and a lot of really good looking themes that you can customize. Google Generally picks up on Worpress Blogs a lot more then the others. We recently built our website with a blog attached to it that really helped our Site out with SEO. You can call it 'Blog" or News or anything like that. Everyone kind of uses Blog! Also, you can make it visible or invisible on the site, but google will still read the content.

Things to be Sure to do:
1. Make sure any photo or Video is Tagged and described well. Use keywords according to the blog post:
2. Embed Videos, you can also just put the link up and Google converts it.
3. Use and SEO Plug in for your blog so it makes it much easier to enter all the information.
4. Submit your blog to yahoo, bing, google etc.
5. Title your blog accordingly
7. Use Appropriet Content. Again, wordpress is great to use, but strict on Content.(meaning, dont post adult content)
8. Use Articals and blogs that have to deal with your blog. Posting Random Things on it confuses the Google Crawlers.
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Be careful hosting on very cheap plans where you are on a shared IP with sometimes thousands of other sites sharing the same IP. A private dedicated server or going the extra mile and getting into a fully managed hosting plan would be the most ideal situation. I have seen many sites get hit with issues relating to other sites who share the same IP as them.

Everyone above has pointed you in some really good directions. But none of this is a hand holding experience. Get your GoogleFU up to spec and you will be able to start learning endless amounts of things that will help you learn programing, hosting, and monetization methods. The less effort you put forth into this venture, the faster you will be giving up as you will be spending money and getting little to nothing back in ROI. You have the first key thing, the desire to do it, your only next choice is read, learn, practice, read, learn, practice, push your first content method live, read, learn, tweak, update, practice, ..... you get the idea. There are endless factors to making real money online, so start with a topic for a blog or website that you are passionate about or at the very least interested in. So when you do not see the money filling that bank account, you have a better chance at actually enjoying doing the work enough to keep alive and going. The longer you keep it going the better you will get, your content gets, and lastly that ROI comes rolling in.
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It's not that difficult to start a blog especially when there are places you can do it for free. Try "Blogger blog" and "WordPress blog" both are free and let you create you blog in no time.
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There are only tow options available for creating free blog
Blogger blog and WordPress blog!
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Why do you need a blog when you can have website?
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You can start a blog from chosing a video from youtube "How to creat a blog"
By choosing latest videos and most viewed.
This is my prefered method. Smile
Good luck
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For starting a blog you need to use an unique title which would be relevant to your website.
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You should also decide what do you want to write about. Try to be niche specific and think what are you passionate about when deciding. You should create new and unique content as often as you can in order to be present, so try to opt for something you care about. You should also learn and update constantly, as you will probably get some questions and requests for help and it would be great if you can actually do it - this will bring you credibility, authority and trust.
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You need to decide what blog platform you would like to have first.
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create blog use blogger or wordpress platfrom, sell some product affiliate and drive traffic to your blog. no traffic no money
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Blogging is a terrific way to promote your website, in blogging you need to do is write an original article related to your business and submit it to these sites.To start the blogging first you have to prepare yourself for writing, select the category and niche in which you have to write the blogs, select the different websites for blog submission.
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On that note, I have seen a lot of blogs with curated content that are doing great too.
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You need webhosting and domain for that. From within webhosting panel, you can upload website system like wordpress. Also you can google to find free web blog providers.
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$2 Linux server (torrent,proxy,RDP etc.)
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You can write a blog on any topic that you are comfortable with... this will boost up ur confidence.. write a content of your own and then before posting it to any site do check its uniqueness... for checking uniqueness of your content you can use a tool name plagiarism checker. make your content 100% unique for it to be canked and optimized.. after this you can post your blog.. for i would suggest to start with BLOGGER or WORDPRESS.
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To start blogging blogger is best but confused about the income (:

thanks to PeterJ
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How about create a blog that talks about trendy topic nowadays, or any thing that you are comfortable on writing about. I highly suggest to used wordpress. It is easy to put up a blogsite but pretty much hard to create quality and fresh content. Try conducting some research for you to find out how successflu blog were made, also read some content to get some idea and inspiration.

Google this topic

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