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How to advertise on Google Adwords for 1 cent?

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Is there are ways I can advertise on Google for 0.01 cents case I am not paying suggested bid?
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Personally I don't think you can! I tried going to Keywords Planner tool and it was saying suggested bid 0.01 or - but when I enter the keyword into the campaign it was saying showing NO the bid is below suggested Smile
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If you keyword in the planner gives you no minimum bid, it implies that Google has not yet received enough searches (as per their internal criteria) to suggest a bid to you.

So when you say, you will set a minimum bid for such a keyword (whatever the figure), you will not be charged that bid amount. The Cost per Click (CPC), is always calculated basis the cpc incurred by the ad copy above you (in terms of ad position) on the SERP.

You are actually charged just 1 cent lesser as compared to the CPC bid for the ad above you. You can understand this by looking at the CPC, Clicks & Cost columns in the Interface. You should ideally see that the CPC's your keywords have incurred are lower or almost the same as the Bid you have set for them.
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You probably can. But since Google Adwords is some sort of serious tool for online business, I dont think it'll get you to anywhere with a bid amount of 0.01.
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minimum bid (as i can see in my acount) is for me 3 cents, but if you find solution to set only 1 cent i will be very thankfull to you and I would try it Smile

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