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How to check if duplicate content?

Taibi Walid Offline referral

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Don't be afraid of duplicate content. Google penalize your site when 2 same content is within your site. Its not duplicate if the content posted in your site is been copied from the other site.
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Copy scape is the best tool to check a content is unique or not. Besides, there is another way for you is copy a small paragraph and search it on Google
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Try to use advego plagiatus - they r not bad for that
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(04-12-2014 07:20 AM)fashionsappeal Wrote:  if you doubt that content is duplicate or copied then you can take help these software :

These above websites are helpful for checking duplicate content.
copyscape.com is also one of the best tool.
manvisen Offline referral

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These are the tools to check if it is duplicate content :
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Well many tools available for this. But the plagiarism checker is the best tool. you just go to google and check this tool.
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Copyscape is the best tool to check content.
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To check if user has published copy content simply paste a few sentences into google search engine engine and hit search, then if you get a match then go to that web page and look into the rest of the content.
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Just like what they say you can use copyscape do determine if it is an original content or a plagiarize one.
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(04-10-2014 03:47 PM)marcus_avrelius Wrote:  To check if user has posted duplicate content simply paste a few sentences into Google search engine and hit search, then if you get a match then go to that web page and check the rest of the content!

Note that some commonly used sentences don't mean duplicate content.
That's right! I usually do like that.
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http://www.copyscape.com simply best, it actual check if the content is duplicate.
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Minimize standard redundancy.
Utilize a 301 lasting sidetrack.
Utilize an authoritative tag.
Utilize Parameter Handling in Google Webmaster Tools.
Keep a URL from being file.
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Hello Dear,

Content Checker many tools available in web:
- Easy Check your Content in Google
- Plagiarism Checker tool
- Copy Scape Plagiarism Checker tool etc.

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Similar question asked earlier many times . I'm sharing two past thread.



Hope this helps.

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If we are talking about small size text - you can just copy it to google search bar and hit for the results. See if your text matches the results.
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The simplest way to check is copy & paste some first sentences of your article on Google search. If you see many other sites have the same content then it's duplicate.
If you want to use tool to check, some of them are plagiarism-checker and copyscrape

I hope this helps.
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Many Website are available like copyscape

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