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How to check if the content is high quality or not?

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Copyscape Plagiarism Checker or Smallseotool websites are helpful in finding the quality of content.
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You dont have to worry about your quality when you are not copying it from others.
Btw, If you still question about your content, check this out:
High quality content contains:
- Meta title (key words, <70 words)
- Meta description (content outline,etc, <150 words)
- Heading,...
- As many words as you can Big Grin

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first of all their should not spelling mistake in containt
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I can agree with most bloggers that Copyscape Plagiarism Checker could be helpful if you want to discover if the content is duplicate. However, please note that Google can detect high quality content by using a specific algorithm that recognizes the intent of the search query, as well as the suspicious pages. Therefore, if your aim is to produce content that Google and other SERPs will recognize as high quality, you should focus on the following factors:

1. Uniqueness – the more your content is original and unique, the bigger the chance is that it will be recognized as high quality
2. Density of keywords – make sure that your keywords are organized in clusters throughout the content
3. Length of content
4. More multimedia content – page can be more attractive to readers if it has images and/or videos
5. The less advertisements on the page, the better
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I am using copyspace. Its actually an excellent support. But of course, you will individually know if the submissions are exclusively designed or not.

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