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How to check my seo friendly or not ?

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Hello friends,

I would like to know that How to check my seo friendly or not ? tell me ..
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First check your webmaster tools account for any warnings or spam related notifications.

Now you won't be able to know for sure 100% how your website is doing but at least you will get a pretty good idea on some points that need your attention or has to be take care of!

Just Google for #SEOReport there are both free and paid tools!
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You can check your website in various free online tools like Woorank, iwebchk, varvy etc. Also you can check your site speed in google speedtest, pingdom etc.
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Using seositecheckup.com you can get complete seo reports.
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you can check seositecheckup{dot}com.
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OR Google for #SEOSoftware check which is the top or best one!

They are not free but there are ways around that if you know what I mean Smile
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There are numerous online Tools available on Google.com with the help of which you can check out that whether your website is SEO Friendly in terms of ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION as well as OFF PAGE OPTIMIZATION.
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I think you can check from woorank.

Google this topic

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