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How to correctly uninstall a software/program on windows 7?

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I have whole bunch of software or programs installed that I would like to uninstall but I am not sure which is the most secure and the right way?
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Press Windows/start menu > click on Control Panel > choose "Programs and Features" > choose Program to uninstall > right click > Uninstall = You're done.
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Or the other way is by going to Start >> All Programs locate the software you want to remove and click on uninstall that comes with pretty much every program!
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to uninstall permanently, will be better if you use uninstaller software like revo uninstaller
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Much safer is to use Windows build in uninstall feature here is the shortcut simply find the software you wanna uninstall left click it with your mouse and on top of the screen click on uninstall and follow the steps to compete the process: Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features
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There are used to......
Security Software
Modern Apps
IObit Uninstaller
Microsoft Office
Reinstall To Uninstal
Check Your Control Panel
Use System Restore
Searching For Files
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click Start menu > click on Control Panel > choose "Programs and Features" > choose Program to uninstall > right click > Uninstall

uninstall all programs one by one.

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