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How to create a fixed background image on a web page?

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How to create a fixed background image on a web page??
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It' easy but the problem you face is screen resolution. To adjust for that you have to use an image with high resolution which makes it file huge and in terms will increase load time of the page which is not OK for SEO!

The best is to use small image and then simply repeat it to fill the entire background.

From the user-experience point of view background image is bad as it distracts the readers from focusing on the content of the page! Also is the image is a multicolor one some content will get blander with the image making it hard to read!

Any ways here is how.

background-image: url('my-image.gif') center center no-repeat;
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Yes, your right.
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We propose you utilize the CSS answer for make a non-titled foundation picture. This page best blankets how should would make an altered foundation in the html muscle to tag, which will be Right away deprecated.
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fix your background image and with the help of css tricks
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You use the CSS solution to create a non-titled background image. This page only covers how to do create a fixed background in the HTML BODY tag, which is now deprecated.

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