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How to create a website

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If you are non professional and want to create your own website, than use some online cms software, like WordPress, blogspot, wix, weebly etc. You can create easily with simple guideline that provide by these software.
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You can make a website in various ways.

You have to learn web programming languages, like HTML, CSS, JS, PHP


You can learn an advanced CMS like WordPres and make website without programming language.


Sign at WIX, Weebly, wordpress, blogger or website builder. After sign-up choose theme and use a Drag and Drop options to build a website.

Hope this help!!! Good luck Smile
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You can create a website by using HTML coding, PHP and for designing our website by using HTML as well as CSS also for giving a responsive design for our website.By, using javascript you can also create website.For designing your website you can use HTML and for developing your website you can use PHP. By all these terms you can create a website also.

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There are many frameworks available for creating a website. Website can be made using a free CMS or using a core language like PHP.
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How to create a website?
follow these steps and create a website for your own:
Choose a template. Browse through our huge selection of professionally designed templates.
Add your content. Drag-and-drop to add your own text, images, video clips and photo galleries.
Publish your website. Easily managed from your control panel, you can publish your site and be online within minutes.
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Website making so many platform available in website but wordpress is best platform.
Easy make website follow below tips:
- Download Wordpress latest source code.
- Login wordpress account
- Click Dashboard
- Display many designing and content posting future.
- So many themes available in web.
- Easily customize for your website.
- Develop SEO Friendly website.

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You have to Knowledge about HTML/CSS/JS/PHP then you easily make your website

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