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How to create google business page?

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How to create google business page?
Victor Dub Offline referral

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Create an Google Plus account and then from there create your page!
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You can create Google business page free. you can find more information visit google business page. You can create a custom url for your brand page.
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Try using Google+ Pages. It is simple. Watch few videos to understand more
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(05-24-2016 08:09 AM)penrix Wrote:  How to create google business page?
Creating an account is the very first thing you can do, but you must also have a physical location.
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Its as easy as creating gmail account, you only need physical address where you will receive verification code VIA post, then you only required verify given code
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Log-in to your gmail account go to google plus then set-up your page, quality image and content will be the key.
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I find this really perplexing and am having the same setup issue.I have your own Google+ website and am also building a Google+ website for business. I am new to weblogs and study that blog writer was a good starting point. I designed one trying to use the company name.
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to create a google business page simply follows below points:
  • Register an account with Google if you con't have one
  • Visit google[dot]com/business/ and sign in
  • find the menu and then add new location
  • Follow the instruction and then you're setup!

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