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How to delete Google plus page?

zorro Offline referral

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I have a few page on Google + that are useless got no followers and I wanna delete then but how?
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Support Team
Navigate to your Google Plus page as admin then on the right upper corner click on your photo and then on Settings scroll all the way down and there you will see a link to Delete Page
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There are following steps here
Step 1 Select "Manage your pages".
Step 2 Click on "Settings" for the page you want to delete.
Step 3 Scroll to the bottom and click on "Delete page".
Step 4 Select "Yes" to confirm your Google+ page deletion.
Warnings -Deleting your page is permanent. There's no way to undo it.
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U cant delete it! Google actively promoting it better to fill out your profile, G will have more confidence to your account
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This is a simple step by step on how to delete you Google+ page, keep in mind by deleting your page all content, photos, videos, the page’s profile. Before you can delete your page, you will need to disconnect or delete the YouTube channel connected to it.
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Follow this step to direct delete google+ page-

- Log in your g+ account and go to pages.
- Select g+ page that you want to delete and switch that page.
- Go to setting and scroll down to option delete page at the bottom.
- When you click on delete page option it’ll ask confirmation for next procedure. Select Delete Page to continue.
- Next you’ll see the final confirmation message with risks to your account by deleting it. Select three checkboxes and hit the Delete button.
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Thanks all of you for sharing some useful tips.
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Thaks for give usuful infomation.
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This is very helpful!! Google plus is so confusing! Its says if u delete a page ur account will also be deleted but then u just did it and still ur account(main) is still there.

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