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How to do Google listing ?

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Hello Friends,

I would like to know that How to do Google listing ? tell me guys..
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Head over to https://www.google.com/business create your business page there make sure you provide your real address then wait for 2 weeks for the mail from Google to arrive with the code.

No go back to your listing and verify it.
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Go to Google business page and create your page by the campaign name.
1. Search Yourself
2. Manage Your Page.
3. Begin Listing Process.
4. Verify Your Phone Number.
5. Verify Ownership.
6. Add and Edit Information.
7. Double Check Your Information.
8. Verify Your Listing.
9. Get Your PIN.
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To edit your business information on Google:-

1.Sign in to Google My Business.
2.Make sure you're using card view. ...
3.Choose the listing you'd like to manage.
4.Click Info at the top of the page.
5.Click the section that you want to change, then enter the new information in the box that 6.appears.
7.Click Apply.
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Hello Dear,

- Business Listing SEO Off-Page Activity.
- It's Good for Quality Link Building


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