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How to do good on page optimization?

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I was searching for the information to make a good on page optimization for the website, I also search on many platforms but all of them are different from each other. Can any one tell about the exact way?
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Lets start from the top:

Meta tag Title and Description:
"Title tag length - 65 characters including spaces
Description tag length - 156 characters including spaces"
They both need to contains and be relevant to the keywords you are targeting and trying to rank high for.

There is no need to use all Headers but the webpage must have H1 and at least H2 and H3 tags.

You should make the website fast meaning decrease its load time.

Finally the most important factor content! The webpage should contain quality and original SEO friendly content. Don't use any black hat techniques as most of them are known.

Remember that Google cares about the above-fold portion of the content most so make sure you have a short snippet there right in your keywords.
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Exact way is to make your website perfect with search engine guidelines. Follow each minor step while developing. Meta tags, navigation, links, social pages, validations, page content, images all these factors plays a huge role in on-site optimization.
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Don't forget internet linking! You have to link to your other relevant pages form within the content itself this improves SEO.
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Always do SEO on your relevant topic, it is more useful.
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Firstly analyze website and see problems according to SEO, then resolve small small problems. It would be good way to do On page SEO.
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Best On page Optimization techniques are internal linking, header tag, Meta tags, image ALT tag, and many more.
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use fresh content, good keywords and reduce the website load time speed use can use any on page tutorial ..
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use the long tail keyword..and increase the website loading time and create the sitemap and add the webmaster tool then create the google analytics
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On Page SEO is used to optimize the contents of a website such that it becomes friendlier to the search engines. This technique includes the optimization of texts, images, tags, URL structure, internal links, headers, meta tags etc.

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