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How to earn money online without website?

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If you want to earn without website then there are many options are there.
you can earn with blogging.
Online site surveys work
Typing work
Content writing
and working with Freelancer online work also.
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(04-24-2014 08:37 PM)ivan Wrote:  Is it even possible to earn or make money online without the website?

Earning using particular site is now became most difficult thing nowadays, For having a site should get ready for expenses like domain/hosting monthly or yearly charges, for bringing traffic on your site, required promotion and promotion required money(if you can't do promotion by your own). Other issues like hacking, server not responding is not in your control, database errors, you can't control your ranking as competitors can work harder than you to overtake your ranking.

Joining freelancing site like upwork, guru and freelancer can be good option, if you are not having technical hand then you can some affiliate programs, can do surveys for earning, almost everyone shares an options which you can do.
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Making money without a website is possible as you can start online marketing where you are available your products which often give you large income or benefit that can help you to achieve at the top easily.
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Freelance work will help you earn money without having a website, if you have passion in writing then you can do content creation. You can also do SEO for some websites, it depends on how you will want to manage your account.
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I use social media, I do buy & sell..
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Hi friend,
There are a lot of ways to make money without a website.
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You can earn money online without website by selling instantly your products on other websites like flipkart, amazon, snapdeal, etc.
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I sell crafts on Etsy and am a content writer. I do not have a website for either of these business but am thinking of getting one to gain more clients.
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i think not everyone can create their own website, and they still earn much money online, youtuber , facebook, do SEO for another site, online market, streaming ..
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It is possible but not recommended
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Become youtube partner post videos make money .
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(04-24-2014 08:37 PM)ivan Wrote:  Is it even possible to earn or make money online without the website?

Yes, it is possible. It would take a lot of traditional marketing efforts, sending postcards, brochures, flyers out to your targeted audience. Posting your product or service on social media, classifieds, etc. Piggy back from someone someones site, allowing you to promote your service their site and give them a commission. Word of mouth advertising is still the most effective way to generate interest and make sales.

It depends on what you do. If you are a writer, you would just have a portfolio, which can be in resume form or online.
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Making money without website follow below tips:

- Affiliate Marketing and youtube marketing both are excellent platform for without website earn money.

Affiliate Marketing:

- Step:1 Sign up any Affiliate Marketing Sites. Like Amazon and e-bay
- Step:2 Configure your Affiliate Marketing Account in Commission Junction Platform.


- Step:1 Create your own content video.
- Step:2 Publish your Video in Youtube.
- Step:3 Moneterise your Video.

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Making money with website is only one way of earning. There are several ways of earning. But the thing is you must figure it out which works best for you. There are ways like affiliate marketing, online surveys, paid to click etc.
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1.Discover a partner item to advance. You will go about as a mediator between the maker of the item and the purchaser while never touching the item. ...

2.Get a space name to divert to your associate connection. ...

3.Increment movement experiencing your area.
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Method 4 Promoting Affiliate Products :-

1.Find an affiliate product to promote. You will act as a middleman between the producer of the product and the consumer without ever touching the product. ...
2.Get a domain name to redirect to your affiliate link. ...
3.Increase traffic going through your domain.
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their are lot of ways to earn money online without website. why don't you try affiliate marketing.
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Make unique text for sell
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If you join affiliate programs, you can use emai.l marketing that don't need to the website. Or paid traffic. But the most, i think you should use 1 website. This will increase trust for your customers
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Freelancing is best option for making money online.

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