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How to enable IonCube in cPanel/WHM?

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This guide will help you Enabling Ioncube from cPanel/WHM.
You can install this on your VPS or Dedicated servers using root access.

Follow the steps-
  • Login to WHM as root user.
  • Go to Server Configuration -> Tweak Settings -> PHP
  • In cPanel PHP loader option check ioncube.
  • Click on Save button.

This will enable Ioncube in cpanel.
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And You can also Install IonCube using the CLI version of EasyApache

This method requires you to have shell access as the user root via either the console, SSH or some other means.
  • Log into the console as root
  • Run /scripts/easyapache
  • Select 'Previously Saved Config' and then select 'Start customizing based on profile'
  • Under 'Apache Version' select 'Next Step'
  • Under 'PHP Version' select 'Next Step'
  • Under 'Short Option Lists' check the 'IonCube Loader for PHP' and then select 'Save and Build'
  • This process will take a while to complete, roughly 10-30 minutes depending on your hardware.
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Yes, its nice, now a days to enable and disable modules from WHM, no need to login into the shell and we can manage module from WHM easily
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With EasyApache 4 the process is slightly different, but the end result is the same. EasyApache 4 is much better.
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Empowering Ioncube

1. Login to WHM (root)

2. Go to Server Configuration - > Tweak Settings - > PHP.

3. Select ioncube check box for cPanel PHP loader.

4. Tap on Save catch.

5. That is it. This will empower Ioncube for you in outsider PHP double.
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Thanks for sharing. As I am beginner can you explain how is it beneficial

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