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How to expertise digital marketing ?

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I am a beginner and I want to build my career in digital marketing. Suggest me some resources from where I can learn online and become expert in digital marketing.
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#DigitalMarketing is AKA #OnlineMarketing or #InternetMarketing just Google for:

"internet marketing learn online"
"online marketing learn online"

It ain't gonna be cheap you know! If you don't need any certificate just wanna learn I would simply use forums to ask your questions and read what others talk about.

Youtube also has tons of step by step tutorials on this topic.
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Internet is the best place to learn anything but you cannot be an expert by simply learning from online. Expertise comes with experience.
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Explore and learn from the internet, you will surely get a lot of relevant articles online regarding digital marketing. Just keep on reading to familiarize yourself with that topic.
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You need to practice to find out for themselves the best measure because today there are many who follow the path you are choosing .
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Digital Marketing includes Content marketing,Search Engine Optimization (SEO),Paid Search (PPC),Email marketing,Social Media Marketing,Digital Display Marketing (Ad Ops),Web Analytics and Reporting,Mobile Marketing.
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Dude try Google Adwords examination. They have a pure syllabus to pass their digital marketing course. It is Google certified too. You will get a clear idea.
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Go google or youtube Gary Vaynerchuk, he is the best at digital marketing.

Vaynermedia is a digital marketing agency that he owns.

Go check it out
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hi you can get expertise by experience and by following the best PR blogs for the implementations of concepts and lastly by question on forum
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I usually subscribe in the web of the famous marketer to learn from their web and learn on forums for digital marketing
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to learn how it do other people
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Two words and a letter: Find a Mentor.

It isn't going to be easy. Be diligent. Show enthusiasm. Attracting a mentor and convincing him/her of yourself is an art.

But if a mentor agreed to help you, then you can learn faster and better.

Keep teaching yourself.

Google this topic

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