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How to fix Conversion rate?

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Hello guys, explain how we can increase our conversion rate of Leads to our website.
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you can add some social proofs to your website, like client testimonials or feedback on the service. This will generate more leads. Good luck!
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Apply Segments Instead of Engagement Goals
Exclude Known Traffic
Include Only Your Target Market
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First of all make a brand awareness campaign for your business, products, and services.
Add testimonial or feedback on your service
Add chat option to directly chat with your executive
Add some offers on your website
Make some social reputation through page likes and followers

all this will helps to improve your conversion rate..
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First of all a good sales team.
then some best client references.
and finally show them the successful work already done.
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Having a Chat function on a website is a good option for converting your visitors into leads.Having a good portfolio of client testimonials plays an equally important role in conversion.
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yss it's good idea adding live chat's and testimonials in website for fixing conversion rate
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conversion optimization is the process of finding out why your website visitors are not taking the desired action(s) and fixing those reasons, or issues, to achieve a higher conversion rate.

The Conversion Rate Optimization Process

At the simplest, the conversion rate optimization process involves 5 steps.

Research Phase: Identify areas of improvement.
Hypothesis Phase - Construct an educated hypothesis.
Prioritization Phase - Prioritize test ideas.
Testing Phase - Choose the right test and set it up.
Learn Phase - How to analyze test results.
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You have to make attractive website with clear contact details to increase conversion rate.
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Primarily they need to get as many visitors as possible on their website. This can be done through SEO, paid ads, content marketing and social media marketing. Next, they need to convert website visitors into valuable paying customers.
For any business looking to increase conversions and encourage repeat purchases, live chat can be an incredibly powerful tool. If you’ve been nervous about adding live chat software to your website in the past, give these suggestions a try. It only takes a simple planning and strategy to feel totally in control and start closing more sales.

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