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How to gain more backlinks in my site?

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Hello Experts..

I want to ask you please give me solution to how to gain more backlinks in my site and which techniques i will use please suggest me ?
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You have to use #SEOSoftware like #SENukeTNG
Rackend Offline referral

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You should visit so-called link markets to get more backlinks if you don't have any experience in building and have some budget available on your seo
danielnash Offline referral

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You should focus to posting informative and quality content.
Carlbrewster Offline referral

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Content Sharing is an most effective way to get backlinks!!
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You can build backlinks from high authority sites to improve links.
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Promoting your content through blogs and article sites will give you more back-links. Also sharing it to social media will help.
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Find your competitor back links and try to get links from the same.
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To get backlinks you should submitted your story on bookmarking, directories, blogs, article sites with natural links and authenticate content. It take some time to approved your stories but it is good source to get backlinks and referral traffic.
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You can get more back links from SEO off page strategies. Follow all off page techniques at regular basis.
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Content and SEO Off-Page techniques are more effective to gain more backlinks to your site.
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Use Off-Page SEO Techniques:
Guest post submission
Article sharing
document sharing
business listing
directory submission
Forum answering
Blog Commenting
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Content sharing as part of off-page activities can help you in best way to gain backlinks. Content shared should be fresh and informative.

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