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How to generate meta tags for my website?

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I am not sure if my website has required for SEO meta tags. How can generate and where to add them in my HTML code?

Is there any good generator tool?
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You can use this "meta tag generator" http://letsforum.com/webmaster-tools/met...generator/

The SEO these days only require title and description tags keywords are no longer supported by Google other search engines might still use it!

This is how the HTML page structure should look like:

<title>Meta Tags</title>
<meta name="description" content="This is a example meta tag description" />
<h1>The Importance of the Meta tags for SEO</h1>
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Meta tags are present in header section of HTML source code. These tags are essential for Search engines to indicate your presence in search engine listings. There are lot of free tools available to generate meta tags.
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You only need meta tag title and description and they should not be longer than maximum characters length:

New SEO rules:

Title tag length - 65 characters including spaces
Description tag length - 156 characters including spaces
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meta tags there are part of on-page optimisation
title tag
description tag
keyword tag
image tag
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<title> add them here </title>
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I want to how to write Meta title and Description for website please suggest.
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If you're using Wordpress then try installing the plugin called Yoast or All in one SEO plugin. It sets the Meta tags automatically for all the pages in your websites.
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In our example we use the most simple HTML we can think of:

The title and some text.

You will have to place the meta tags in de HEAD part of your page. On this test page we want to sell wooden garden furniture. We start simply by making a title, keywords and a description. Take a look at our example: This is only a example, very simple, you'll understand the meaning. Making meta tags is a precise work.
Don't use popular words like computers, travel, books, gifts or consultancy. The number of hits are numerous. Give some extra relevant information and the changes of a hit will increase. Always keep in mind that a visitor will pick your site if the properties of the product equal his search word. The right choice of words will increase the hits (max. 25 words).

Use our online generator to make meta tags.

Many of the searchindexes are using the first 150-250 letters in the text of your homepage or index page. Most likely, the page doesn't show what you would like shown in the search engines index. That's why we use meta tags.

There's 2 meta tags that are very important :

<META name="description" content="Put your description of 200 words here">

<META name="keywords" content="put, at, least, 20, important, keywords, here">

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