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How to get Adsense approval fast?

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What are the tricks, tactics and techniques you aware of that will help me to get my #GoogleAdsense account approved quick?
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Please read this blog post: http://www.howto-makemoney.com/blogs/blo...-a-website
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Google Adsense can get the fast approval if you follow these tips:

1. Your content should be of high quality
2. The domain age of your blog must be at least 6 months old.
3. Website should be user friendly
4. Try not to use free domain sites like blogspot.com or wordpress.com as Google does not approve these sites. Instead of that you can buy custom domain name and can redirect it to your blogspot.com or wordpress.com with 301 redirect.
5. Make sure that you are using quality content on your blog as it will help you to get the approval for your Adsense fast.
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1)you need a good high quality content at least 20 + posts
2)decent amount of organic traffic
3)which you can achieve with the perfect s.e.o on page optimization.
4) all navigation links work perfect , find out any broken links and 404 error page
5) never copy others content
6) Dont use any automatic tools for create a content
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Your blog should be 6 month old for getting Google Adsense approval. But you can get easily approved within 2 hours through YouTube.

Devid Web
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http://www.seosiren.com/get-google-adsen...in-3-days/ try reading this one, i hope it will help.
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no any trick has been working out but you need to set perfect error free wordpress blog and then post 45 article which is probably unique and then apply for adsense m sure your account getting approve fast.
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Great Information about Adsense..!!

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