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How to get a custom email address?

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For internet marketing purposes I want an email address that will represent my company like:


I don't want gmail, hotmail, yahoo, and so on. In other words I want CUSTOM email address. Any idea how can I get that?
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Unfortunately you can't get a custom email address without purchasing a domain name.
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Other way is to buy them. But there will not be an effective way to use them. People consider this technique spam!
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If you want a custom email address for the domain you use for your Squarespace site, you have a few options. For example, if your domain is sampledomain.com, you can get a custom email address like janedoe@sampledomain.com.

To follow these steps, you must already have a domain registered or mapped to your Squarespace site.
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hello friends,
That is correct. WordPress.ORG software does not have any interaection with the web server or email system like that. WordPress.COM does becuase it's a completely different system and that support has been added in there. As a general note, not a lot of what's discussed on the .com forums can be translated to a .org site so you're best off forgetting most of what you see there.
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I think you can get it from hosting provider companies but i think you must buy a domain, added coming soon page and you can create your own brand mail ids.
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You will have to create company mail addresses through Hosting Control Panel if your hosting company has the option of providing mail addresses.
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I think you can get it from host provider company but i think you must buy a domain, included out coming web page and you can make your own product email ids.

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