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How to get dofollow backlinks from Bing and Yahoo?

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Since Bing and Yahoo are the second and the third mostly used search engine that means they have high Google PR (PageRank) which makes them great for improving seo!

Is there a way to get do-follow back-links from those web-site? Do they have some like webmaster forums or something?
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To get a backlink for Yahoo submit your site to their directory or answers!

To get backlinks from Bing try exploring its tools and see which one allows comments or creation of public profiles!
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Make sure you continue to create quality back-links. Keep doing so on a regular basis. And try to find do follow places to post such as do follow forums, do follow social networks, do follow groups, and other do follow sites.
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i think now a days it is too hard for getting do-follow backlink from yahoo and bing.

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