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How to get dofollow backlinks from Google ?

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Everybody seems to agree to the fact that getting dofollow backlinks from Google help seo a lot but I am wondering how can I get backlinks from Google any ideas?
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I am not sure if you can get any dofollow backlinks from Google but you can start here

Webmaster Central - Google Product Forums - Google Groups

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Are you asking about a true backlink from google.com ?
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My understanding is that you can't get any good backlinks from our big brother Google, I mean you can get backlinks but they ain't good for SEO
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You can check if Google adds nofollow to links in your Google Plus profile!
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Do follow link submissions is helpful to increase more web traffic, and improve web link keywords splashed from all top search engines.
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you can make unique content using your primary keywords
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Write content on Google Groups, give answers there, use Google Plus . hope you will get a backlink from Google.
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I guess they will not use dofollow links for this but it still won't hurt even if they're nofollows.
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Backlinks are the key to getting to top of the search engines.You can make unique content using your primary keywords
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Create a backlink from high da do-follow website to get the higher website ranking in the search engine result pages.
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Quora is one of the biggest sites across the world and if they will give you do-follow backlinks then Google thinks that Quora is charging money to give do-follow backlinks.

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