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How to get find right seo company?

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How to find the right seo company to promote websites to get good traffic from organic listings?
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I have never heard of that befor

A good question indeed, i was thinking about the same of years but never had the courage to ask it from someone.
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I suggest that you consider the following four key areas when choosing an SEO company:
expertise, past performance, company attributes and value.
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I agreed to sinelogixtech's comment. A well-trusted company should have great past records, their past projects will say about their services automatically, the values and priorities a company holds are a good source to identify the right SEO company.
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just google seo company in pune, the companies listing for the keyword have done a good job you can go with them
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Have to ask whether they use black hat or white hat tactics, the company needs to focus on long term online success

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