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How to get into freelance marketing.

antony Offline referral

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I'm looking for a way to get into freelance marketing so I can earn some extra money and gain some experience any idea where should I start?
draggin Offline referral

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there are some good Free websites to register as a Freelancer, like Freelancer ,peopleperhourr, elance,Guru etc..
Register your profile there hope you will get some positive response very soon.
All the best.
vinzleft Offline referral

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Before you join on freelance site, you should have your portfolio of work. You cannot just join to those site and easily get a job. You should have a portfolio of your work, because before they pick you, they want to see your work before.
vishal Offline referral

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Go on freelance portals registered there then spend regular time to see and understand the key to get the projects then start work...
Erin Nagata Offline referral

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You can start by joining freelance sites that can help you earn tasks and increase your revenue.

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