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How to get more likes on facebook

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Creating a Facebook business page is a necessity for your business.
With lots of Facebook users, a business page offers an affordable thanks to advertise and connect along with your customers.
If users click the “Like” button for your page.
This result in users reading and clicking the update to access your page.
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post good content public. you can also use like4like service to get more likes..
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Try some PPC strategies or creat more engaging post for your audience
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Here are a few tips that are sure to help you get more Facebook likes:

1. Make unique content and also like-gate it- Apart from putting together some unique content, also like gate your news feed or story. A like gate is a customized tab, that permits only those who have liked your link to see the whole articles.

2. Add the like box to your website- If you own an enterprise, you are bound to have a simple website. Feature your Facebook page on your website. This will allow potential customers to have a view into your Facebook page.

3. Update your FB page regularly- Maintain your FB page updated and make sure all latest occurrences are updated.

4. Include your fans- Do not simply put promotional articles. Also ask queries and have small competitions that will keep your fans involved in discussion.
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Invest in facebook PPC marketing advertising that will provide you many likes as you wish and the other way is use free websites to improve prefers. Like addmefast, like4like etc these websites used to improve likes.
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I guess it is matter of having an engaging content that users will talk about. I suggest that you go join some groups wherein you can promote your page to gather a lot of likes.
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Increasing likes in Facebook
You can share your URL in Likes for likes group. You can also chat with person to like something for you. But this is very long process.
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• Post according to your audience interest.
• share some personal image
• Post more photos and videos
• Post often, but not too often.
• Keep your post short and sweet
• Ask interactive questions.
• Post some funny videos
• Like other people's posts
• Be funny
• Avoid posts that appear attention or sympathy seeking.
• Post at strategic times of day
• Install a Facebook "Like Box" on your website.
• Promote your Facebook Page, everywhereJoin Group and post on them

There are some website on google which provides likes free of cost.
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The obvious answer is to use the Post Planner to post super viral images and articles!
Write Impressive Headlines
Start Guest Blogging
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Thank you for such informative post. it will be very helpful to everyone.
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(07-23-2013 06:54 PM)maria Wrote:  I used Facebook advertising a few days ago to get more likes to my fan page. Facebook charged me $6 per click! That is totally BS!
How much did you have to pay, mate?
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You can get more likes on Facebook page by share attractive post on your page and link your Facebook page. Invite your friends on this page.
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Apart from inviting your friends to like it, I think you should invest in Facebook ads. In addition, you can always boost your page or some good post for some small amount of money.
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The most important thing is your content. It should be unique if you want to drive more likers.
Share your posts with different groups but make sure not to create spams. You can also publish your Facebook posts to reach more people.
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Hello Guys,

In the present time, Facebook is the best platform for both common man and Business Man and they use the Facebook platform according to their purposes. For getting more likes on the Facebook Business page we have to do regular post by making images, videos which also help us in the Business Growth.
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Yes your content is really good!!!

But the tips I can share for getting more likes on Facebook are as:-

1. Develop a smart Facebook marketing strategy
2. Craft a great Page
3. Make your Facebook Page easy to find
4. Post relevant, high-quality content
5. Engage consistently at the right times
6. Host a Facebook contest
7. Engage with other brands and communities on Facebook
8. Use the Facebook algorithm to your advantage
9. Run Facebook ads to expand your reach
10. Learn from Facebook Insights
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I Think you should use organic method rather than paid method because you will get genuine results..try it once

Google this topic

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