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How to increase Page Authority ?

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I have created a new website, now i want to increase page authority of all pages. How can i do this?
Please include importance of internal linking and external links.
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Show some like relevant posts or latest posts on every page! This is helpful case if you have a high PR web page will boost other ones!
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To increse page authority , Make quality backlinks with only and only high domain authority , page authority websites . If you will make internal pages backlinks with high da & pa websites , it will improve , otherwise if you will make backlinks with less DA , PA and PR websites , it will not improve..
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I don't know if I should still be concern with PA or DA?
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Improve Page Authority (PA) of a Webpage:

1. Write Quality Content.
2. Increase Meaningful Internal Linking.
3. Linking to Most Authority Pages.
4. Build High-Quality Backlinks.
5. Remove Bad Backlinks on a Regular Basis.
6. Update Content of Pages Regularly.
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Above all the methods are great for increase page authority. Here I define the importance of internal linking and external links.

The external link importance of:
the building Page and Domain authority,
the building Backlinks,
a make your site more valuable.

Internal Linking important:
for crawling the whole site,
to provide further information for the users,
to define the difference between two or more than one meaningful status,
for improving keywords ranking,
for promoting event page.
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Hello friend i am new in seo and i want to more learn.
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I have a test on my web 2.0 system, good backlink structure can increase PA of a page after 2 month
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To increase page authority,
1. Add inbound links from other web pages on your website that are relevant to your target page. for example, if you have a page about seo, you can add links from pages about seo tools, seo examples, seo agencies, etc.
2. Add outbound links to other pages that are related to your web page. For example, if your page is about seo you can add outbound link to pages about SEO sub topics such keyword research, backlinks, etc.
3. Add external backlinks to your web page from relevant blogs and websites.

In both cases, relevance is the key. Don't link from irrelevant pages.
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Guest posting & internal linking of the site can increase Page authority of your site.
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High quality backlinks, internal linking and your great content of web pages are helpful to increase page authority.
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Focus on Quality Content,Update Fresh Content regularly, Build Internal Linking.
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Page Authority is increased by high quality back links and quality content.
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do backlinks in high authority domain and get more traffic for your website

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