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How to increase rankings on Google.com?

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My website is doing OK on Google except .com what are the ways or techniques you ca recommend to increase rankings on Google.com?
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Google.com is like worldwide page right now I would suggest you to get high rankings in non .com Google and also increase rankings for long tail keywords or search queries and the rest will follow.
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Follow the off-page seo techniques to rank your keyword,
>social bookmarking and directory submission
>article and forum posting
>social networking sites
>blog commenting and blog marketing
>search engine submission
>link baiting
>video marketing and photo sharing
>social shopping networks
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Do some off page techniques in order to rank your website in google.
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get as much as high pr do follow back links for
Citations sites
Social bookmarking
press release
Article posting
Directory submission
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(07-12-2015 02:25 PM)badboy Wrote:  My website is doing OK on Google except .com what are the ways or techniques you ca recommend to increase rankings on Google.com?

If you rank well locally then I don't think ranking on google.com would be necessary.
However, I believe that if you improve everything about your site, you'll rank well on google.com too.
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you have to do some quality link building with unique content and do social media optimization.
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off page or link building
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The following SEO Off page activities help to increase the ranking on Google.
Social Bookmarking
Article sharing
Press release Submission
Video Sharing
Image Sharing
PDF Sharing
Business Listing
Blog posting
Classifieds ads posting
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Please make maximum and powerful back link that is do follow links will give you fast result.
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Perform both On-Page and Off-Page SEO techniques to improve the rank of your website.
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Social bookmarking.
Blog Posting.
Directory Submission.
Press release.
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Same as usual off page seo techniques but you to submit more for particular targeted keywords.
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Follow these suggestions, and watch your website rise the ranks to the top of search-engine results -

1.Publish Relevant Content. Quality content is the number one driver of your search engine rankings and there is no substitute for great content. ...
2.Update Your Content Regularly. ...
3.Metadata. ...
4.Have a link-worthy site. ...
5.Use alt tags.
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you can simply follow better off page seo techniques. This will help you to rank your website on google.
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There are many ways to rank in Google. But before actually thinking about that, make sure you have a content worth ranking. As time goes by, Google also changes its way of ranking pages so you should stick to only one strategy. Experimenting once in a while will be great. You might also want to work on your website's influence by doing influencer outreach. This is an effective way to add more traffic to your site and you will get SEO benefits out of it. It's also important that you have efficient link building tactics.
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Hello Dear,

Get increase your website traffic follow below tips:

- Use unique and fresh content for your website promotional activity.
- High Density Keyword Use for your Promotional Activity.
- Optimize for your website.
- Link Building for your website.
- Internal Linking
- Social Media Networking Activity use for your website promotion.


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