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How to increase traffic of my blog?

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I have a blog and I am kind of interesting to find out how to bring or increase traffic to it. Are there so good new ways to increase traffic because I don't think old methods of increasing traffic work?
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Well it's not easy to get free and the most important targeted traffic to a blog or a web site. There are many ways to get traffic though like you can try:

Post videos on YouTube that usually get a lot of views and then add a link to your site in video description.
If you are a good writer your can try Article Marketing.
Internet forums and blog commenting is another great way to get traffic.
You can always use PPC advertising is non of the above work.
Another way to get traffic is from social media sites.

But at the end you need constant traffic and the only way to get it through SERPs or content. Post plenty of new content on your site and then share it on social media sites.

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