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How to increase traffic while using organic search strategies?

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hello everyone,
i m starting seo work while please suggest what Strategies are use to increase or boost traffic in my website
please mention comment in the reply box
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We’ve found that a strong mix of on-site + off-site SEO, centered around a VERY strong content strategy, is a very solid way to approach increasing organic search traffic.

Content strategy is where things get really fun, though. What’s fascinating, and is something Hubspot’s VP of Marketing said in a talk once, is that “content is compounding.” What she meant is that if you follow a structured content strategy, that is tied to strong keyword research, and make sure you are creating truly high quality content, you will see organic traffic, and in turn, the leads and sales that come from qualified traffic, surge like crazy.
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Follow the following levels and gain traffic for your website.

There are three levels of SEO:
Initial - In this stage, you create a website, and then you optimize it according to SEO technics.
Mid - Then you create content and do keyword research and publish articles to get ranked by Google on select keywords
Advance - In this stage, you develop backlinks for your website by blog commenting, article submission, social media and more.
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Add quality content to your website, do guest posting, classifieds submission, social bookmarking and use other off page strategies to get back links and rank your website at top positions and once you are at top in google search engine then you will have maximum organic traffic on that keyword or phrase.

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