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How to make money from hacking websites?

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I have a hacking website it's on "how to hack WiFi" this website is only foe educational purposed it teaches people how to hack their own wireless password so they can better protect their own WiFi home connection.

The site gets quite a bit of traffic and I am wondering how can I start making more? Can I monetize it with Adsense for instance?
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Hacking is a word that not always signifies something illegal it simply means ways of doing your normal activities differently. Of-course it also means not playing cool and harming others.

There is a great reality show on national geographic channel called "hacking the system" that actually teaches you many useful life changing techniques and tricks.

Anyways back to topic. I don't think you will be able to monetize the site that show "how to hack WIFI" as this could be used to for hacking other people's wireless networks and public ones too which can get you in trouble with the law.

The only way is to get paid for letting online marketers to advertise on your website and take advantage of the traffic. Simply put a message in the header letting the users know that they can advertise on your site. First develop your adverting system!

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