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How to make money online/internet from home for free!

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There is no doubt that these days the internet had become very popular and accessible by everyone. Thanks to the smartphone technology we can access the web pretty much from anywhere and that means the internet gets huge amount of traffic which makes it a great place for marketing and making money for those who knows how to.

We live in the world where we can't go without money! This means we have to work and since the economy is so bad it's not that easy to find a job nowadays. That is why so many people turn their attention to the internet in hope to make money working from home!

There a many ways to earn pretty good amount of cash working from home but it's not easy and requires years of experience from and tons investment! In the the other had there are ways we can earn money but that is juts no enough to even buy a burger!

In any business to make money you need to spend some that is how it work! Now the prefer solution would be earn money for free many say it's impossible but I am gonna teach you how!

You had probably heard about Google Adsense! You might thinking "well that requires to create a website or a blog, do SEO and post some quality content to get traffic" that is correct but we are not gonna be making money with the web-site!

Since Google bought YouTube they saw the potential of making huge amount of money there and that is why they connected Adsense to YouTube and allowed users to monetize their videos and earn money!

YouTube gets a ridiculous amount of traffic you probably know that more than anyone right! There are videos that have hundreds of millions of views!

To start making money on YouTube all you need is to have a video camera and some video editing software that can be downloaded for free online!

Create YouTube account then apply for Adsense account! Once you have Adsense account approved link those accounts upload your videos and monetize them that is all you have to do!

Make sure to create videos on a subject that people like and enjoy to watch:

These are some of the most popular and watched categories!

LetsPlay (gaming)

Now let me post some earning statistics!

In a very bad day experts say you can earn $3 per 1,000 views! Now if you get 1,000,000 hits you will earn 3,000 dollars.

There are videos that as soon they are posted get millions of views in a single days.

I have a video on YouTube that makes me from 10 to 20 bucks per 300 videos only! The amount you earn (CPC cost per click) will depend on the title of your video as advertisers pay more money for some videos and less for others!

Now that a completely free money.

Good luck!
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Thanks buddy for taking time to post this "how to make money" article! I probably gonna focus all my effort on earning money on YouTube rather than from my website!
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Nice. Adsense and Youtube work great together. Especially if you are a volume uploader.
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Wow so nice post, first of all thanks to share with us and There are many ways to  earn pretty good amount with profit successful business.
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It is very interesting to read such a helpful and beneficial post .It is really informative and shareable post .You have done a good job by sharing this post with us.
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Thanks for this nice post and idea, definitely will try it.
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thanks for sharing a wonderful post.. useful for online money seekers
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