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How to make my website fast?

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What should I do to make my web-site load fast as that seems to be important for seo?
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Support Team
Well there are many online website performance tools that will check your site and tell you what should be fixed!
For starters use Google PageSpeed Insights - Google Developers


Combine images using CSS sprites
Serve resources from a consistent URL
Leverage browser caching
Minify HTML
Optimize images
Minify JavaScript
Minify CSS
Avoid bad requests
Avoid a character set in the meta tag
Avoid landing page redirects
Defer parsing of JavaScript
Enable gzip compression
Enable Keep-Alive
Inline small CSS
Inline small JavaScript
Minimize redirects
Minimize request size
Optimize the order of styles and scripts
Put CSS in the document head
Remove query strings from static resources
Serve scaled images
Specify a cache validator
Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding header
Specify a character set early
Specify image dimensions
Avoid CSS @import
Prefer asynchronous resources
Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Use cookie-free domains
Add Expires headers
Make fewer HTTP requests
Avoid empty src or href
Compress components with gzip
Minify JavaScript and CSS
Avoid URL redirects
Make AJAX cacheable
Put CSS at the top
Remove duplicate JavaScript and CSS
Put JavaScript at bottom
Avoid AlphaImageLoader filter
Avoid HTTP 404 (Not Found) error
Reduce the number of DOM elements
Do not scale images in HTML
Use GET for AJAX requests
Avoid CSS expressions
Reduce DNS lookups
Reduce cookie size
Make favicon small and cacheable
Configure entity tags (ETags)
Make JavaScript and CSS external
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Most easiest way to start is get hosting package, install wordpress or anyother required CMS ... and your website is started ... it is one of the most simplest way...
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Yes, that is correct. Hire a hosting service which can provide you the best service for your website.
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“While site speed is a new signal, it doesn't carry as much weight as the relevance of a page. Currently, fewer than 1% of search queries are affected by the site speed signal”my points of views.....
Use server side caching 
Reduce 301 Redirects
Use a Content Delivery Network -
Use Gzip 
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Use recommendations from PageSpeed Tools
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Well you can try some free website builders out or there is a tool called nettools 5.0 , you can use it to create the website faster.
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Hire a special services that offer such kind offers
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Best Services to Check Loading Speed

There are many good free web site load speed test tools available. If one reviewed here does not suit your needs shop around a bit and we are sure you will find it.

Many tools use a ‘score’. Do not get distracted by this. You may, for example, test your site using pagespeed and get a low score. When you look into the identified reasons for the score you may find that some are not anything you can fix or are problems on other sites you link to. You may also find that the highlighted problems are not something that you need to be concerned about because they are not relevant to your site visitors. We caution against even looking at the overall score that is kicked out by tools like pagespeed and yslow. The real value of those tools is that they can identify specific potential problems on your site and give some guidance as to how to fix those issues and improve site loading times. You always need to make the choice of whether or not they matter. In the end you want to optimize your code where you can to have faster web page load times and a better user experience.

Google PageSpeed

Google Page Speed Insights

Google website speed test is largely considered to be a definitive web site performance checking tool but many website speed test tools have leveraged pagespeed thus producing a more comprehensive a feature rich web site speed testing tool. Pagespeed is mostly geared to giving suggestions to fixing issues rather than presenting a nice picture of….anything. There are no charts or graphs and the waterfall graphic that is so prevalent in these types of tool is not there. For many it is difficult to read and can be frustrating at times. All the information is there, it just may not be readily obvious. For issues that are identified in testing there is a clear description of the issue and general suggestions how to fix it. This text is usually the same that is used for any tool using google pagespeed backend. Pagespeed includes excellent mobile reporting but can be overwhelming at first especially for less knowledgeable users. Pagespeed is a great tool that delivers good, useful information regarding issues on any site but other tools leveraged it and expanded on it to the point that it is difficult to see a reason for most people to still use it.


Yslow tool

Yslow is an opensource project that leverages work done by Yahoo. Yslow tests 23 of the 34 rules that affect web page performance as identified by Yahoo. It runs as a bookmarklet against whatever page you are on when you hit the bookmarklet. Yslow is concise and delivers a lot of information in a small space. All highlighted issues have a link back to yahoo or other sites for explanations and direction on how to fix so you are never left sitting there scratching your head wondering what you are looking at. The features, such as access to historical tests, available using yslow bookmarket may be a little limited but several other tools have wrapped the core of yslow into the tool and then were able to offer full featured tools. While this tool can be used on a mobile device, you must install it on the device to be tested and so you need to run it on every device your customer base may be using in order to get a clear picture of how fast your site is across those platforms. Yslow lacks a good history feature and can sometimes highlight problems on your site which in reality don’t really matter or are beyond your control. Know your site! Yslow is, like pagespeed, a tool that is leveraged to make other tools better and is less valued as a stand alone tool.


Pingdom Website Speed Test

Simple and straight forward with easy to read reporting pingdom is intended to compare your site against itself for ongoing tracking. A good site to use to check site load time. Pingdom has limited options for browser testing and uses Chrome for all testing. It does track all your tests though allowing historical tracking as well as scheduling. Pingdom presents a good waterfall, good overall performance information by type with good detail and links to explanations and suggestions on how to fix. Pingdom also has a good simple page analysis and good historical tracking. Set it to run weekly if you like giving you an idea how changes you make are affecting user experience. Pingdom has a paid service to get the full features including ongoing real user monitoring which can be helpful depending on your site. Most will not need these features. Anyone can run a one time test and have access to simple historical information. Pingdom also has DNS, uptime, and response time monitoring features that email or SMS on faults.

There is less help with pingdom than other website speed checkers when it comes to figuring out how to fix the issues identified.
Source: 6 Free Tools For Testing Website Speed
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Most easiest way to start is get hosting package, install wordpress, Joomla or anyother required CMS ... and your website is started ... it is one of the most simplest way...
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Keep the customization files external rather than to having on same page.
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Rend a server from web hosting company. If the website traffic is low, vps is ok and not expensive. You can try vpb llc ( SKYPE ID: <REMOVED> ) that I am using the service now.
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Easiest way to start is get hosting package, install wordpress or anyother required CMS

Minify CSS
Avoid bad requests
Avoid a character set in the meta tag
Avoid landing page redirects
Defer parsing of JavaScript
Enable gzip compression
Enable Keep-Alive
Inline small CSS
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its a simple way get best hosting package..
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All eh possible ways have been told above. But I have experience the problem of website speed of my website due to the hosting. I think this is the factor that affects most any website's loading speed.
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Here are a few hints for cutting your heap times:

1. Consider actualizing a substance conveyance arrange (CDN). ...

2. Actualize new picture arrangements to diminish the measure of your pictures. ...

3. Reserve, store, store. ...

4. Assess your modules. ...

5. Consolidate pictures into CSS sprites. ...

6. Empower HTTP keep-alive reaction headers. ...

7. Empower pressure.

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