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How to make use of social media to increase my website ranking?

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How to make use of social media to increase my website ranking?
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In case you don't know since Google dropped PR (page-rank) they heavily on "social signals" links from social media pages!

Create profile or pages on as many social media networks as you can then make sure you include there your URL and a description containing your keywords. Then simply ping the URL and Google will index it.

I would really focus on primary once: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Link to those from your website. Every time you post use some popular hash-tags.

Follow and like other pages and they will like and follow you back in many cases.

Make sue to optimize your website with social media buttons SMO
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As social media sites very helpful in generating traffic,Many people are using these sites to promote brands & advertisements & sharing information as well .It is the effective way to spread awareness about products.So promote your brands through Facebook & twitter so that many people will know about your products,this will increase traffic towards your website.

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