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How to optimize title tag for SEO?

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Guys I have came across seo article which was saying about title tag optimization but wasn't really describing how to do it. So I need someone to tell me what does tile optimization mean and how to optimize title tag for seo?
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By optimizing website title you increase search engine impressions as search engine will be able to associate your title with more queries!

First make sure you know exactly what you niche is and what keywords you are targeting!
Now every time you post new content make sure to include in the title a few keywords from your niche or keywords you want this content to rank high on Google. The processes of including keywords of interest in the title is called title optimization.
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Google uses the title tag as a way to index the webpage, so it is best to put in the target keywords in the title tag. In addition, the title tag should be interesting and lures readers to click on the website.
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Title tags should contain main focus keyword
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Watch your title length,Don't overdo SEO keywords,Give every page a unique title,Put important keywords first,Take advantage of your brand....
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Watch your title length. ...
Don't overdo SEO keywords. ...
Give every page a unique title. ...
Put important keywords first. ...
Take advantage of your brand. ...
Write for your customers.
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Tips for Title Tag Optimization :

1. Length
2. Target Keywords write 1st words
3. Keywords Placement
4. Keywords Separation
5. Wording
6. Company Name
7. Make relevant keywords according to Pages Name and Content
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Title tags are one for the most important on-page factor for SEO. Follows these steps to write the best SEO Title:-
1. Always Choose Unique and eye-catching Title
2. Put the target Keywords in your Title tag.
3. Company or Domain must be included in your title tag.
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Title Tag is one of the most important elements of On-page SEO.

We Should optimize the Title with Long Tail Keywords to achieving a high ranking on search engine results.
It Should be 70 Characters in the Title tag.
Give a Unique Title on Every page. It helps search engines understand that your content is unique and valuable.
Put Important Keywords first closer to the beginning.

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