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How to post an image?

rxzor Offline referral

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Joined: Aug 2014
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Junior Member
How many posts must I make before I can post an image? Thanks.
victor Offline referral

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Joined: Jun 2013
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Senior Member
Hi I am not the admin here but I know that users under 10 posts are not allowed to post any links this also includes any BBcode that might contain a link. It is to reduce spam.
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Joined: May 2013
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Support Team
@Victor is right! We have many firewall features that block spam and this is one of them. New user are not allowed to post any links until they reach post-count 10. Any user braking forum rules could be banned.

LetsForum community rules
LetsForum FAQ
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rxzor Offline referral

Posts: 2
Joined: Aug 2014
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Junior Member
Thank you so much victor and marcus_avrelius! I will keep that in mind. Smile
aman786 Offline referral

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Joined: Sep 2014
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Junior Member
Depend forum rules 10 post after you are easily post image.
dodgersbenny Offline referral

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Joined: Aug 2015
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You have only 2 posts. May be less posts you can't post an image.
maya Offline referral

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Posting Freak
Image link contains URL and user under 10 posts can't post any URLs
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