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How to promote site through online forums?

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Can anyone tell me about the process of promoting a web-site through online forums?
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Discussion forum when it's a high ranking one with lots of traffic is an ideal place for #InternetMarketing and #SEO.

You can use it to quickly get traffic or customers to your #OnlineBusiness make sales and increase earnings. Also you can use them to generate backlinks and buzz about your site that will make your website go up in rankings.
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By joining a forum discussion you will be able to reach more target audience, that will help in increasing the traffic in your website. All you need to do is put a signature since some website are strict in putting links directly on the comment that you made.
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Not each promotion forum is worthy and good for marketing, their are some forum that are too risky and links on them can harm your website SEO,
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In joining a forum make sure that you honor community rules effectively by honoring their rules.
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You cannot directly promote your website via forums. Be active in forums and try to build your own personality which will indirectly help your site. That's how it is done.

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