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How to rank Blogspot blog on the first page of Google?

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I need to get my Blogger Blogspot blog on Google first page how to do it?
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Blogger is not different from your regular site and needs the same SEO to be able to rank high on any search engine. Since it's hosted on Google this will make your life a bit easier as you will not have to wary about performance/website speed.
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Start by publishing some good post and then share them to social media sites. This should be enough to get noticed by Google.
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I made also this methode.
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Blogger blog is already optimized for SEO all you need is great content! Is not like when with a regular website that you have to spend time on improving website performance, load time, fixing WC3 errors and so on plus posting content.
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These days Google pays less attention to the website page-rank OK and more to its content which means that if a website has low or no PR but original and high quality content it could out-rank the web-site with higher PR but crappy content.
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Create some SEO friendly content, maintain keyword density, use unique image, embed youtube video. then share your post on social media.

for better result build relevent backlinks.
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It will be the quality of the content that you will publish that will help you to rank on search engine.
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Promote your blogspot page on facebook
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It's good to get your feet wet with Blogger as a start, but your chances of ranking on Google look slim with Blogger. Why not but a domain built around Wordpress.
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You need to share your article on various group on Facebook and Linkedin. Start Content marketing.
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WordPress is “a fantastic choice”

Matt Cutts praised WordPress for being SEO-friendly program. WordPress automatically solves a ton of issues bloggers might have. It’s a fantastic piece of software, makes your site easily crawlable by search engines, solves some 80-90% of mechanics of SEO and is the first big step anyone can take towards developing a popular online business.
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if your blog in first page of google then you have to crawl through webmaster tool. after crawling by google your blog will be come in first page.
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thank you very much
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It is difficult, since blogspot belongs to Google, you cant SEO it on top easily
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You need to have a hosted domain on your blogger site, and do what everybody else is doing - SEO.
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Perform SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Digital marketing (Social media marketing) techniques to improve the rank of your blog on Google search engine.
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use best posts in blogger and update regularly.. also use sitemap to inform google about the updates. Use social media to share your blogs to get index and gain visitors
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Use following tips :-
Add unique content on your blog
Add Title Desc on your Blog Post.
Get backlink for your blog
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Select Optimize theme and publish quality content also get High PA,DA backlinks.

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