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How to resolve 500 server error and soft 404 errors in Google webmaster tools?

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I have noticed 500 server error and soft 404 errors in Google webmaster tools. How to resolve? Could any one help me out.

**My observations and assumptions:**

- We have seen these urls are old which we have rewrited (but didn't set 301 redirect after rewriting) and some are outdated content urls.
-Some of the 500 server error urls - we have made it into customized 404 errors. This has resulted into soft 404 errors.
- Increased server response time. We have noticed some of the 500 server errors dropped down. But after some days, reverted again to huge number.

Thanks in advance,
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First click on the error link and make sure the URL is really working then click the button "Mark As Fixed"
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If you have deleted those URL web-pages then Google will show them in the 404 errors juts check the list to make sure it doesn't contain any non-deleted URLs. The rest juts ignore it it's OK.

500 server error should be addressed every time. Go to Site Errors and click on Server Error check each URL and if it's working click the button Mark As Solved

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