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How to search Keywords ?

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(12-17-2014 07:50 PM)delwin11 Wrote:  Hello

I have two websites one is related to health and another is related to marketing.
I want to search keywords for both websites.

what is the keyword research technique ?

use google ad keywords search
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Keyword research is performed by many ways as follows:
1. Brain storming
2. Competitive analysis.
3. Google keyword planner tool
4. Similar web
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If you want tutorial or step by step procedure I suggest you search on Google or Youtube.
I did actually found a basic tutorial though I forgot the link, found it on youtube though.
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There are different keywords searching tools available such as
Google keyword planner
Google keyword planner is best one to find out the keywords.
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Google Adwords, Keywordtool.io, SmallSeotools etc are few of the best tools that can help you to search best keywords related to the niche of your business. Even you can search for high competition and low competition keywords also which can assist you to rank your website easily on Google. Even it helps to increase the search result of your website as well.
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You could use Google AdWords or discover some untapped keywords on Reddit.
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To find Keywords for both websites, First you need to find Seed keywords after reading Content of both websites. Now You can use "Google Adword Keyword Planer Tool" to find other relevant keywords. Once you get a list for keywords, You need to make a list of search Volume and Competition for each keywords. Finally You need to pick those keywords which have High search volume and low competition.
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To find out the best relevant keywords for your site to get high ranking. Google Keywords planner tools is best to search the keywords ideas.
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Hey! Just go to Google Adwords. You will get large number of keywords related to the niche of your business that could help you to list on the Google search engine easily. It is the best tool man. Use it
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TO search keyword you can get list on google of related keywords.
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Google Keyword Planner
Google Trends
Term Explorer
Moz's Keyword Difficulty Tool
HubSpot's Keywords Tool
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Google Keyword planner to get ideas and info's about search keywords. Also, Wordstream are the best to get the appropriate keywords.
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To figure out volume to a specific keyword, be beyond any doubt will situated the match kind should [Exact] Also look under neighborhood month to month Searches. Keep in mind that these speak to aggregate searches. Contingent upon your positioning What's more click-through rate, those real amount for guests you accomplish to these keywords will as a rule a chance to be considerably bring down.
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You can use keyword planner tools or search for most relevant keyword for your content put it into search engine and get relevant keyword ideas from there.

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