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How to sell domain name or a web-site for free?

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I am aware of places in the Internet where you can buy and sell stuff like websites or domains but they charge a selling fee!

Any ideas how to do it for free?
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Well if you gonna use any of the eCommerce marketplace web-sites that let you buy and sell websites and domain names you will have to pay a commission.

The solution is to use internet marketing forums like letsforum http://letsforum.com/Forum-Buy-Sell-Website-Domain-Name where you can post you special offer for free.
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Searched the website or marketplace for e-commerce where you can sell your domains or website free of cost or by reasonable price.
There are having many leading platforms available over web to sell domains or website.
[https://nationkart.com/blog/nationkart-vs-shopify-comparison-of-ecommerce-platfrom-in-india/]"Best e-commerce platfrom make apparent choice for business around the world."[/url]

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