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How to set up and configure VPS or Dedicated server?

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As your website is getting more and more traffic sooner or later you will be forced to move from dedicated to either #VPS or #Dedicated server.

Unlike shared VPS and or Dedicated servers require set up and configuration plus maintenance to be performed by the webmaster.

Question! How to do that any basic step bu step tutorials will help for folks like me beginner.
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Such maintenance depends on the control panel choice. I mean there is cPanel, VestaCP, ISPConfig and many other. Before getting server, make sure you can optimize your site (webpagetest.org, cloudflare.com) maybe you can save yourself alot of work and money managing your server.
If one get a server, one have to read various tutorials on how to harden that particular webserver software.
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Try to contact Aspnix.com and ask their support team to configure a server for your needs.
They are really transparent and timely in communicating about the glitches when they (rarely) happen. Highly recommended.

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