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How to target Google Answer Box?

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How to target Answer Box in Google SERP? Any simple ideas for the targeting the Answer Box!
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You should use the rich snippet code and point out the answer which exact results. use the question and answer in your content.
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1: Research Queries that Trigger an Answer Box
2: Optimize and Structure Content to Answer Questions
3: Use Schema Markup
4: Use Google+ and Wikipedia
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Creating google answer box is not a one day work. But yes, a little research you can end up having your website or blog appear in google answer box. Few of the major steps below:

First, you will have to do in-depth research on the keywords you want to rank. Use Google Keyword Planner or Long tail keyword planner tools to identify the keyword that are most search by your audience.

Once you decide the keywords, it’s time to create content. And remember not just write content, write research oriented, valuable and unique content. Also, use H2, H3 tag for your sub-headings and try using keywords in them. Try including Q & A section in the content and interlink them to other relevant landing pages.

Now write an effective meta title, meta description, images, videos, Interlink your article with relevant information on other pages of your website.

After all the content and on-page optimization are in place and the page is live, implement schema(dot)org markup code on your website.

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