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How to use pingler.com?

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I want to ping my website with Pingler.com SEO tool but not sure hot to use it please give me a hand here?
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It pretty straightforward task.

Where it says:
Title: (keyword) input the website/blog title.
URL: Enter the URL you want to ping
Category: You can choose up to 3 of them. Make sure they are relevant to the link you are pinging.
Captcha code: Simply answer the captcha question and press Ping

Wait for the process to finish, you should see a message saying something like ping process complete
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Pingler basically acts as a middleman sounding out the notification that your blog has fresh content.Ping your URL for FREE in site :- Title: (keyword), URL:, category: Ping services: Captcha code:
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Yeah, pingler is a great website to ping search engine crawlers about the fresh content of your blog. It’s really simple to use this website, you just need to put some information like Title, URL, Ping Services, Captcha code in the specified bar and you are done.
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How To Use Pingler

Pingler is probably one of the easiest tools that I have used in a long time. It’s a web-based tool that will allow you to use it free or pay a really small monthly fee to ping your blog and site links. The free version works well, but according to the website, you don’t get pinged to as many URLs as the paid version.

There are several ways to use the service – Their Website, or they also have a variety of browser add-ons and plug-ins that all perform the same function.

If you’re Using the Website to Ping your blog post or Site URL, you need to fill out a few pieces of information : 1) Blog post URL 2) Title (Keyword) and then you get to pick up to 3 categories and fill in a captcha code and hit submit and Pingler will start submitting your site to the search engines.

Another great feature is that you can request an email confirmation that your URL was submitted along with the details. One thing to keep in mind is that Pingler is not for building back-links, its main purpose is to let the search engines know your new post is there or and update has been completed. One thing you want to make sure before you start promoting your website is that your permalinks are correctly set up for SEO. Here is some information on setting up permalinks for your blog.
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