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How will you optimize Image Tag?

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Hlo Friends,
How will you optimize Image Tag?
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Yes, its a must because images cannot understand by the search engines without an alt tag to describe the image is all about.
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just update the image alt tag with image name!
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In this article, we will investigate In those numerous approaches you camwood streamline your pictures to hunt engines.

1. Utilize the right picture.
2. Decide the correct record design.
3. Streamline your pictures to the web.
4. Use educational record names.
5. Pay thoughtfulness regarding alt content.
6. Separate your thumbnails from principle portraits.
7. Make picture sitemaps.
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- Name Your Images Descriptively and in Plain English.
- Optimize Your Alt Tags Intelligently.
- Strategize Your Image Dimensions and Product Angles.
- Reduce the File Sizes of Your Images.
- Know Which Image File Type to Use for the Right Situations.
- Know How To Handle Your Thumbnails.
- Use Image Site Maps.
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ere are some tips for you to optimize the image -

1. Make the image as small as possible that it will be easily downloaded. Make sure to use the proper image compression technique for that.
2. Use the relevant image to your topic.
3. Make sure that images are responsive that is they can load on any type of resolution.
4. Use proper caption and alt tag for the image. It should be in plain English and easy to understand.
5. Use the high-quality image that is those should not be easily visible in pixel form.
6. Use the image site-maps
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Just follow these simple steps to optimize the images

Use Alt attributes
Optimized Image Title
Use proper Description for the images
Image size not to be large
Caption for the Image
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I use the most appropriate keywords and do it like this,

Google this topic

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