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Html is a necessary part of seo

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In seo we create backlinks for particular website. It is not full seo but a strong part of it. Without creating backlinks it is not easy to rank better even you have great quality content. Sometimes we have to create backlinks by doing some html coding in posts. They who don't know much about html can be deprived of some useful backlinks. Here are two most important html and bb tags which are used to create links in posts.
<a href="your url">your keyword</a>
[url="your url"]your keyword[/url]
Html is a part of seo.
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Well that you talk about here is called in the webmaster word anchor links. And in the past adding your main keywords in the anchor link text was good way to increase the ranking of the website for some particular search query!

SEO these days is not the same and which means that keyword stuffing bad! In fact you will get better results buy simply using plain URL in the anchor link text.
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Yes, Html is a necessary part of seo.
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Normal website can't do without HTML!
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