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I can optimize your webpage to load faster (good for SEO)

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Hello, I can help your website to load faster by optimizing images, minifying jacascripts and CSS, using CDN, caching content or advising better webhosting.

I would need website URL to check it and tell the correct price for speed optimization (my pricing starts at $20).

I would need access to the webhosting later or at least access to the certain files that would need optimization.

I accept cryptocurrencies, perfectmoney 001_star

Thank you

PM me here!
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Nice offer and quite need for #SEO. You should have mentioned that you will increase website performance score (load time) to at least green or A on these websites.

PageSpeed Insights - Google Developers

GTmetrix | Website Speed and Performance Optimization
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Optimization of page to load faster is essential in seo.
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Good Offer, Thanks for sharing SEO services..
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How much time you will take to do this task?
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i want to reduce the load time for this website. craiggarsidephotography(dot)co(dot)uk
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Make header stick to the top of the page!
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Very nice and impressive sharing
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Thank you for this sharing
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Great offer, I will think of asking you once my website is done
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How to optimize your website for fast loading speed
Images are the heaviest component on a web page and are the main contributors for slow loading websites. There are different tools you can use such as jPeg Mini and Image Alpha apps for Mac, which can make a big impact in webpage loading time. However, ask yourself: “Do you really need a home page slideshow?”, “Do you need that high resolution photo of your dog?”. If you don’t need those images, eliminate them from your website to greatly increase loading speed.

Use Caching
If you have a website with database connection (ecommerce and content management platforms such as WordPress), caching optimization system saves “snapshots” of your pages and delivers them as static HTML. HTML is the fasted way to access data on the web. This process avoids requests made to the database for data which can slow down the website. In most cases a cheap hosting provider can impact page speed for websites with databases. Before you spend time on caching optimization maybe is time for you to choose a better hosting provider.

If you’re using WordPress, then you’re covered because you can take advantage of Total Cache plugin. However to make the most of its entire capability, I recommend custom settings over the default ones. Since tweaking the plugin requires some technical expertise, consult with your developer.

Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The location of your visitors and your web server matters! The further the visitors are from the server, the slower the website loads for them. This is because data needs to go through more “internet nodes” to get to the visitors.

With CDN service, the website files are cloned on mega servers all around the globe. When visitors view your website, they access it from the closest mega server location. You can use web page test tool to check your speed using different mega servers locations.

Even though there are more CDN solutions out there, I recommend Cloudflare. It is efficient and it has free plan! Most hosting providers offer Cloudflare integration which makes the initial setup a breeze. After I installed Cloudflare on my website, I managed to get faster loading speeds for visitors all around the globe!

While the loading performance of your website may not seem like a big deal, you should consider taking advantage of all optimization techniques at the design and coding level, caching, and using a CDN. It does not only create an optimal experience for your users, it gives you an edge over the competition. In other words, you get more customers.
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compress your images when posting articles on your website

Google this topic

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