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I have got a way to improve DA

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I have got finally a way to improve Domain Authority of a website, sharing with you now.

Mainly it is based on your website's link profile, how many inbound links are pointing to your website. So we should focus to gain more and more good links and disavow the bad links through the webmaster tools. that's it.

Do you agree guys?
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Domain Authority and RIP #PageRank is the same thing that is based on the amount of inbound backlinks, their quality and relevancy to the site.
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Of course by getting quality backlinks you will increase the DA of a website but for faster results you have to index those backlinks as soon as practicable.

Another SEO Technique is "Domain Authority Stacking" and works on Web 2.0's PBN's very effectivelly.

You can apply this Strategy in new as well as in established domains.
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Backlinks from high Domain authority sites can increase DA.
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Quality link building is the best thing for improving not on;y website D but also you can improve website trust in search engines and drive traffic from other sources websites.
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If you want to improve domain authority, you need to keep the following points in mind.

1. Earn links from more sites
2. Start marketing your content
3. Not only diversification, but you also need a clean link profile
4. Build a well-planned internal link structure
5. Write epic content and nothing less than that
6. Regularly remove toxic backlinks
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It's very simple. You have to get backlinks from high DA websites to increase your DA. But don't do too much link building in a shorter time. It'll be marked as spam.
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DA means Domain Authority a parameter invented by SEO leader MOZ.
Domain authority is a way to find how much power a web page can have to get rank in a search engine like Google, bing etc.. We have to more focus on branding, and try to improve it's popularity. These days google giving high priority for a company's branding, based on that it is giving ranks.

Offline promotions, people who searches your brand for their products or services does matters. Earlier it was reverse, based on seo ranking, we used to get rank. But the algorithm has changed. SEOs work has increased a lot.
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Quality link-building is the best thing for enhancing not only web page D but also you can enhance web page believe in in google and bring customers from other resources sites.

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