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Importance of plants in our life...?

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Hello Everyone,

Please tell me, What is the importance of plants in our life...?
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Plants make oxygen. One of the materials that plants deliver as they make nourishment is oxygen gas. This oxygen gas, which is a vital piece of the air, is the gas that plants and creatures must have so as to remain alive. At the point when individuals inhale, the oxygen we remove from the air to keep our cells and bodies alive.
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Without plants it is not possible to have life. They are the vital part of ecosystem.
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Imagine what would you have been breathing right now.
There will be no vegans. It means a shortage of animals.
In short, Life will be impossible without plants. Smile
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Plants are very important, as great source of medicine even for life-threatening diseases.
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Plants is very important! If we don't have plants we don't have a fresh air to breathe, fresh veggies to eat and lastly we don't have herbal medicines!
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They put Oxygen back in the air! Big Grin
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Plants make oxygen.This oxygen gas, which is an important part of the air, is the gas that plants and animals must have in order to stay alive.
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We are burning so much oxygen every day I am wondering did anybody even bother to check the amount of O2 in the atmosphere?

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