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Improve Bing/Yahoo ranking

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I have submitted my website to Google and Bing/Yahoo search engines at the same time but the thing is as my website's ranking is increasing on Google it's descrising on Bing/Yahoo. Bing/Yahoo has indexed pretty much the same amount of pages than Google but still for some reason I get no traffic for Bing/Yahoo at all Confused
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Google search engine has better crawlers than Bing and Yahoo that's why it indexes your website faster.

P.S. You should not worry about Bing and Yahoo but Google. Focus your efforts on getting better Google ranking!
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Saying you should not focus on Bing/Yahoo is bad advice. But keep sharing it and let those of us who work with both benefit more Smile

Also the crawler has nothing to do with why your site is indexed "faster" or "better" than another. Just like Google Bing/Yahoo would like certain things as well, while most things with Google transfer over there are things you should be doing to cater just to them. Look into using the OpenGraph Protocol and Schema protocols, just too start. Then learn what their algo's are searching for and why you are failing.

@Original Poster - With the information you have shared there is not enough to give you better advice.
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Thanks but what else do you need to know to give me your best advice?
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Goggle and Bing/Yahoo search engines have different criteria and different way of analyzing web pages, also the ranking works differently on each of them!
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You must follow some yahoo and Bing algorithm which help to get good result for yahoo and Bing

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