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Increase rankings for "how to make money" keyword?

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How to get my website on top search results for the keyword "how to make money"? Is ti enough just to post relevant content and hope that Google will pick it up?
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Off-page optimization is responsible for rankings. Get more relevant backlinks from high ranking websites.
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Not just an easy thing to rank the term: "How to make money"

It is easy:
You must be a perfect Blogger - It means the content should cover tons of organic visitors.

Did you checked the TOP 10 Websites PR:
3 websites with PR 7
4 websites with PR 6
1 Website with PR 8
1 website with PR 5
Then a Youtube Video

High-fi of competition, you cannot do easily with the Wi-Fi [by simply posting relevant blogs].
The top 10 listings are big investor's. Each of them have their PAID advertisements along side. they are high in metric, authority, rankings...etc

Kind of RND work - takes years - best of luck!
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The keyword you are targeting is a tough one because it has high competition. You should start by increasing your search engine authority for it.

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